You learn something every day

The old saying is true, at least in my case.
I could spend my whole life learning and not even scratch the surface.  It fascinates me to think of all the untold stories out there, tucked away in the pages of history.
Where was this passion for knowledge when I was a student?  I’d love to know.  Maybe then those facts would’ve fused better into my young brain.  Maybe then I’d be a little smarter today.  Maybe then I would’ve known what the Colossus of Rhodes is.  And maybe then I wouldn’t have given Luke and Katie the assignment of sketching it in their history notebooks without so much as a word of explanation first.  (“Don’t forget details and lots of color, kids!”)

The Colossus of Rhodes

We won’t be forgetting the Colossus of Rhodes anytime soon.  (“Mom, did you know it’s a statue of a big naked guy?  Sometimes he has a cloth on, sometimes it’s just a leaf, and sometimes it’s nothing!”)

Oh, well.  You learn something every day.

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5 thoughts on “You learn something every day

  1. Heeheehee — Thanks for my first, big, whooping laugh of the day. As soon as I figured out where you were going with that I busted out. Still wiping tears away…hold on…I’m done. Hahaha….wait, no I’m not…still laughing…

    I just realized your blog wasn’t on my “list of blogs I follow” so I fixed the oversight. It was an oops, but fixed now.

  2. This really cracked me up, too, Lisa! I just have to smile at how clueless I can be. Luke and Katie thought it was pretty funny too, and I’ll tell you, I’m never throwing those sketches out. They’re hilarious!
    And thanks for adding my blog to your list. There’s not much to follow yet, but I love it when you guys drop by!

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