Why Go To Church?

A few weeks ago, my three-year-old asked, “Mom, do we have church today?”

It happened to be a Thursday afternoon, so I said, “No. Not today.”

He cocked his head thoughtfully to one side and asked one more question. “Why do we go to church?”

That’s a good one, Noah. Why do we go to church?

At first I rattled off a bunch of Old Standby Answers:
We go to church to learn about how much God loves us.
We go to church to pray and sing songs to Jesus.
We go to church hear God’s Word.

But I kept going and suddenly, I wasn’t talking to Noah anymore. I was listing more reasons, for myself.
We go to church because we are full of sin, and need to be assured that Jesus has fully paid our debt of sin before God.
We go to church because our souls need to be fed and nourished with God’s Word.
We go to church so we may be renewed and energized for the week ahead.
We go to church because the world is falling apart around us and we need to cling to God’s Truth.
We go to church to enjoy fellowship with our Christian brothers and sisters, to be a blessing to one another.
We go to church to learn more and be reminded all ALL the amazing things God has done for us.

Dear Friends, summer is now upon us. We all know this time of year masquerades as leisurely and relaxing when in reality we’re busier than ever. We’ll be tempted to push church to the back burner in favor of more “important” events. When that happens, I encourage you to remember all the reasons we go to church. Use my list or come up with your own, but think about it. The simple truth is this:  Church isn’t something YOU do for God. It’s something HE does for you.

I was glad when they said to me, “Let us go into the house of the Lord.”
Psalm 122:1


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5 thoughts on “Why Go To Church?

    1. I agree, Cathy. Back before air conditioning, the windows of church were always open in the summer. I loved sitting and listening while the smell of sunshine and wildflowers filled the church. 🙂

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