The Snowflake Method

Can you sum up your story in one (15 words or less) sentence?  If so, you’ve completed the first step to writing an outline using “The Snowflake Method” created by Randy Ingermanson.  Can you take this sentence and make it five sentences that contain the setup, three major conflicts/disasters, and the ending? You’ve just completed the second step.

You get the idea.  (Be sure to click the link above for the complete picture.)  What an eye-opener this is for someone (like me) who’s overwhelmed and intimidated by the outlining process.  Always one to shy away from a detailed outline, I’m now ready to run forward with open arms and embrace it like a long lost friend.  I’m excited to see what new dimensions and depth are added to my next story with the help of a detailed outline.  So, of course, I had to share.  Check it out, tweak it to your specs, and have fun!

Special thanks to suspense author Amy Wallace for introducing me to this method.

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