Research – The Fun Kind

It doesn’t matter how “up” I grow, going to the library never gets old.  Having six children makes for a great excuse to get me there on a regular basis.  I love to sit on the floor and search through the stacks, looking for old and new favorites.

We went yesterday to pick up our reserved books and find some spontaneous picks.  I plopped down between some rows and told myself, “I’m working.  I have to research these authors and illustrators and publishing companies if I want to be published one day.”  It’s true.  That’s a great thing for me to do.  It’s also great to love doing it.

When we were all sufficiently loaded down with books, we called it quits and staggered out.  And that’s when the fun really began.  The reading started with a renewed energy, and so did the learning.  Having a good book to read is like having a surprise to open whenever you need it.

And now I’m off, to tuck in my little girl and read her a story or two – to open a surprise for both of us.

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