Real Rest

We just got home from a week-long vacation at a state park, and it was amazing to have my entire family together – 46 people to be precise. What a blessing it was to have that time together! The week went all too quickly, though. It seemed I blinked and vacation was over. I was sad to hug everyone good bye, but happy and excited for something else: Sleeping once again in my own bed.

I must be getting old because it’s becoming harder and harder for me to get a good night’s sleep anywhere else. It didn’t help that the beds in our cabin had terrible springs. As soon as I laid down, my mattress curled around me like a taco shell. There were lots of bugs, too. It’s hard to sleep with something black, leggy and hairy crawling above your head. Add to that weird noises, nightly treks to the bathroom, and an overactive imagination and you have a recipe for some long and sleepless nights.

As the week wore on, I longed more and more for my own bed, in my own bedroom, under my own blankets. I wanted to sleep in a climate-controlled room with blue flowered curtains and a reading lamp. Most of all, I wanted to wake up feeling a little more refreshed and lot less like showering in coffee. That stuff at the campground was just a poor imitation of rest. I ached for the real thing, a rest so complete I couldn’t find it anywhere else.

My soul feels this way too. This sinful world was never meant to be my home, and as the years of my life tick by I understand that more and more. I feel the stresses of life taking their toll on me. I’m tired and worn out from trying to find rest for my soul. I long for The Real Thing. Not just a temporary solution, but permanent deliverance. The rest I long for can’t be found anywhere other than Jesus. How I ache to be with Him, to rest in His arms, to lay my head on His shoulder, and to be at perfect peace.

My beautiful Grandma, who has spent roughly the last two months hospitalized, began hospice care a few days ago. I have said good bye to her, for now. And while I’m so sad that I will no longer enjoy her presence this side of heaven, I’m wildly excited for her that soon she will see Jesus. She will receive her crown of life, along with real rest from the curse of sin. Grandma used to tell me she looked at life as one long journey, the destination being Heaven. Now that her journey is almost complete, I know she wouldn’t want to go back and begin again. She’s ready to be where she belongs – to be Home. One day, by Jesus’ grace, I will be in heaven too. It will be like coming home and falling into my own, familiar bed.

What about you? Are you tired? Looking for real rest? Look no further than Jesus, Who lovingly invites all: “Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”
(Matthew 11:28)




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7 thoughts on “Real Rest

  1. Your post is timely, and your Bible verse one of my favorites. I feel like your grandma, we are passing through this world, and our destination is heaven.
    It is always good to be in your own bed.
    Our family used to do a weekend campout in cabins at a state park. There was very little sleeping, what with the cousins running wild and the bed springs plinking.

    1. Ha! Yes, the state park was a great place to be with the kids…I don’t think I saw my kids all week, they were so busy with their cousins and climbing trees and swimming and all that good summer stuff!

  2. Wow. You really captured a lot of what I’ve been feeling and thinking lately. I’ve been struck by the temporary existence we have here on Earth. Not in a morbid way, but a curious way…a way of understanding I’ve not had before now, and I’m not sure what changed. I just feel the…lack of permanence…of it all. The realization that I’m learning things here I’m meant to learn, experiencing things meant only for me. There are open arms at the other end of this, and that is a joyous comfort.

    1. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, too. The older I get, the more temporary this life feels. And it really is a comfort to know that my life doesn’t end once my time on earth is over.

  3. Excellent! I feel worn out by this world, too. Thanks for the reminder that it is just temporary and no permanent. It’s hard to stay inspired after reading the newspaper and the blogs each day.

    1. YES. So true about all the discouraging things we find in the news these days. I’m so thankful that the LORD is in control of my time in this world.

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