Not another one…

Did I hear you groan? I guess you’re wondering about the need for another blog. I’m kind of wondering too. Doesn’t it seem like everyone’s best friend’s cousin’s DOG has a blog? Yep. I thought so.
But here’s the deal. When you don’t know what you’re doing, you do well to take the advice of people who DO know what’s what. (Did you get all that?)
Three incredibly intelligent women have advised me to start a blog. I’ll do well to take their advice. I know that much at least.
So, my blog is off and running. Well, let me rephrase. My blog is off and crawling. As any country singer will tell you, you gotta crawl before you walk…walk before you run…run before you fly? You get the idea.
So thanks, Jill, Cathy and Lisa. If my blog is half a great as yours, then I’ve done a stellar job indeed.

P.S. When I figure this link thing out, those three blogs will be first on my list. Stay tuned!

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2 thoughts on “Not another one…

  1. Aw, thanks. You’ve got the talent, no doubt about it. I like that your posts are short but they pack a punch. Mine are way too long. I recently read a blurb about blogs that went something like this: Never before have so many written so much destined to be read by so few. (Or something like that). It made me laugh (and it is probably true!) but I keep on blogging anyway. I hope you will, too!

    1. I’ve heard that same blurb, Lisa. But you, Cathy and Jill all gave me advice to start. I’m getting there, little by little. Still have a ways to go.

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