Mark’s Mistake

Nearly every morning during our drive to school, I use the time to help my second grader with his memory work. I love that he goes to a school that views God’s Word as the most important subject, and one that requires he learn three Bible passages each week. Helping Mark memorize various passages has been a good review for me as well, not to mention the interesting discussions we get into as we talk about what each passage means.

A few weeks ago I was helping him learn Psalm 50:15 which reads:
“Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify Me.” This was a familiar passage to me, one I have read so many times that I didn’t really think about the precious promise contained inside. I only thought, This is an easy one. Mark will have no trouble understanding it or learning it.

To help Mark memorize it, I read it, phrase by phrase, and he repeated it. We did this several times until I felt Mark was ready to try and say it on his own. “Call upon Me in the day of trouble,” Mark said, “I will…I will…forsake you…” The other three kids overheard his mistake and giggled into their hands. I smiled and said, “Oops, that’s not quite right. It should be ‘I will deliver you’, not ‘I will forsake you.’”

Mark didn’t think much of his mistake beyond trying to say the correct word next time, but it got me to thinking. It was such a small thing, this little mistake, this replacement of one word with another. But, wow. What a difference that word makes for each of us.

In my mind, I said Mark’s version of the passage:
“Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will forsake you…”
A flood of “What Ifs” stormed my thoughts. What if we didn’t know whether or not God was listening when we called upon Him?What if we couldn’t be sure He would deliver us from our troubles? What if He actually did forsake us, and left us to deal with our sins alone?

They were sobering thoughts, especially since I’ve been troubled over different things both in my personal life and in the lives of my family and friends lately. I see how desperately we need God to help us each moment. In my distress, I’ve called upon the Lord, many times. I’ve prayed without ceasing, as He tells me to in 1 Thessalonians 5:17. Thankfully, He has delivered me, as well as those friends and family members, in truly amazing ways. In some cases He has answered in a very direct way, in others He has offered grace to sustain until the trial passes. But in no way, for any of my prayers, has He forsaken me or them. And because I know He promises to deliver us, I can leave all my worries and troubles with Him.

Mark’s mistake that day made me see Psalm 50:15 in a new light, and it put a much needed perspective on life for me. Whatever I may face today, tomorrow, or in the years to come, my Lord is near and His deliverance is guaranteed. This is truly cause to glorify my God!



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5 thoughts on “Mark’s Mistake

  1. Yep, what a difference one word can make! And what a glorious use of your drive time. Reminds me of my mom and how we’d pray the rosary in the car. We prayed ourselves all the way from Texas to Savannah, Georgia! 🙂

  2. Yes, one word changes everything, and this is a brilliant example of that. What I also love is that you took that one little oops and turned it into this vibrant post.

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