It Was My Sin

chief of sinners

Yesterday morning, as soon as I woke, my first thoughts were of Jesus and all He went through during the last week of His life. I thought of His entry to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday… His last night on earth, spent with His disciples… His arrest, trial and death. And I thought, I don’t appreciate this as I should. I don’t feel I had anything to do with His death.

But I did.

It’s easy to look at people like Hitler who clearly corrupted this world with their sin, and see how Jesus had to die for them. They were evil, and had no hope of salvation outside of Him. But I’m not as bad as that. I’ll trust in Jesus’ death to get me to heaven, but not because I really see that my sins put Him on that cross. He had to be there anyway, for all those “real” sinners, so He might as well cover my tab while He’s at it.

This was my Thursday Morning Realization.

It’s painful to be this honest with myself, and with you. To admit these thoughts lurk below the surface sometimes, and I don’t even realize they’re there. To admit that, in the eyes of the One who judges sin, I AM just as bad as the worst sinner imaginable. Sin is anything that misses the mark God has set, and whoever misses once is guilty of all (James 2:10).

It gets confusing because we don’t view sin the same way God does. We tend to think there are big sins and little sins, dangerous ones and harmless ones. I see this everyday in my children who think it’s okay to disobey as long as they get away with it. I see it in myself, when I justify sinful thoughts with the rationale that I “only thought it, I didn’t do it.” But for our Holy God, it’s all the same. And for my own good I need to remind myself…

It was my sin.
It was my sin.
It was my sin.

Being a Christian doesn’t mean we are without “real” sin, and no longer in “real” need of saving. It means we belong to Christ because He paid the price for us.


Dearest Jesus, Help me to see that it was my sin that put You on the cross. Help me to understand that I am guilty of missing the mark and breaking God’s law. Then make me understand the great love You have for me, the great mercy the Father has for me, and the great blessing the Spirit grants me. Give me a truly thankful heart and a faith that trusts in You, and not myself. In Your name I pray. Amen.

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6 thoughts on “It Was My Sin

  1. Awesome as always. I love how real you are. I made the Resurrection cookies for my Sunday School class last week. 🙂 Yet another good post from you. Thank You.

  2. I am finally catching up on blogs. You should send this to a magazine. It is an eye-opener and powerful. Hope you and yours are doing well.

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