Everybody needs a Jill

Debra, Jill, Beth

I kid you not, this is really what just happened.

I opened the laptop to write an update on Things in the World of Debra.  Little did I know, I was about to experience a brain freeze the size of Texas.  This will be one of the few times I’m happy that only one or two people read this blog.  Yes, people (or person), it’s true.  I actually forgot how to login to my own dashboard. I had to call my brilliant and highly underpaid web master for the password.  Sheesh.

But this is why everybody needs a Jill.  Who can’t use an intelligent, funny, supportive, selfless, loyal, encouraging person in their corner?  Jill is all that, and then some.  She is my go-to girl when I need to be talked down from whatever emotional ledge I happen to be on.  At the top of my list of blessings is this beautiful person – my sister and friend.

After a lesson on logging in, I reminded Jill to check out my blog for a new series of articles I’m doing.  She sweetly said, “Listen, if you can figure out how to log in, I think I can manage, too.”
See, I told you she’s funny.

Love you, Jill!

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6 thoughts on “Everybody needs a Jill

  1. See – I do go and read your stuff:-) You are an amazing writer. I’m glad to have a Debra in my corner. Keep it up!

  2. Hey, I have a Jill in my corner, too!

    I also have a Paul in my corner. I find him to be very helpful in many areas of life. Do you have a Paul?

    I enjoy reading your blog; keep it up!

  3. Poor Deb! I feel your pain. In the process of leaving a phone message the other day I blanked out on my home phone number. Zippo. Gone. I got as far as 678 and my brain went on hold. *sigh* I attribute it to being 50.

    Sisters are definitely a blessing. I don’t know what I’d do without mine, either!

  4. Your little quote ‘Everybody needs a Jill’ has been quoted over and over by certain family members ever since we first read your article !! I would like to add that “Everybody needs a Bethany” too! xo

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