Bon Voyage

The NaNoWriMo ship will set sail soon, and sadly, I will not be on board.

I really want to sail off into the horizon in search of a new story.  It’s so tempting.  It’s also the straw that would break this camel’s back.  I just know if I climb aboard and set sail, my journey will likely meet the same end as Titanic did.

I have to let my dreams of a future novel sail away (for now).  Because it doesn’t feel right to start a new story when I’m so close to finishing my first one.  The place for me is on the shore, with my toes in the sand and my face to the sun as I bask in the glow of finishing my first book!

So, bon voyage, my fellow writers.  I hope you find many adventures on the high seas. I hope to hear all about your journey when you return.

And, of course, I hope to join you next year!

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3 thoughts on “Bon Voyage

  1. I’ll probably be wishing to join you on shore come Thanksgiving weekend when I’m pounding at the keyboard and the fam is looking for turkey dinner. *sigh* I warned everyone it might be Banquet TV dinners this year. LOL Don’t worry, I’ll do a real turkey day. But when everyone else is in the kitchen washing dishes, you know where I’ll be…

  2. Awww, thanks, Cathy! Your encouragement really keeps me going. And Lisa, if you get out of Thanksgiving clean up it will all be worth it! I hope I get to read what you both write at some point. (Either at critique or when I buy it off the bookstore shelf!)

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