Al-a-bama, here I come!

This Saturday – yes, a mere two days from now – marks the day of my first official writer’s conference.  I’ve planned to attend the Writer’s and Illustrators for Kids conference for months now.  Suddenly it’s time to print off mapquest directions, pull myself together, and spend my first full Saturday away from the kids in…never.

Could I be any more nervous?  Whenever I think of hopping in our trusty red Saturn and and cruising from Atlanta to Birmingham, my stomach dips and dives.  Up.  Down.  Down.  Up.

It’s exhausting.

I’m trying to be the confident, self-assured professional I’d like other conference goers to meet.  With that in mind, I marched into my favorite clothing store this morning full of plans to buy something professional to wear. Forty minutes later, I skipped out with a comfy, casual outfit that had Shades of Debra all over it.  In other words,  I’ll show up at this conference looking very much like a mom of six, and a rookie writer to boot.

Nerves aside, I’m optimistic and holding out for the best.  Since I bombed on the clothes, I’ve decided it’s now essential to remember to bring my wallet and brand-spanking-new business cards. I’ll just wing the rest.  It is my first conference after all, which means I can be a little wall-papery, a little quiet, a little observant… and a lot just plain me.  Like my new “professional” clothes, that’s what I’m most comfortable with anyway.

So, here’s to safe travel, comfy cords, nerves of steel, and a great conference.  Alabama, here I come!

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